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Structure and Governance

The Scholmark Foundation is a federally registered charity.

The foundation’s purpose is to advance education by helping schools access much-needed corporate funding while encouraging corporations to include schools in their corporate giving plan. The Scholmark Foundation solicits and distributes corporate donations to schools across the country and issues charitable receipts to donors. The Scholmark Foundation also encourages individuals to support their local schools in a more sustainable manner.

Compliant with all tax, financial reporting, monitoring and transparency regulations, The Scholmark Foundation operates on the basis of transparency, ethical conduct, strong governance, and strict accountability.

The costs to operate the Scholmark Foundation are absorbed by Scholmark Inc. meaning that 100% of received donations go directly to schools (credit card processing fees may apply). The foundation is governed by a board of directors that draws from the legal, finance, and philanthropy world.

Scholmark Inc. is a commercial organization that runs national school campaigns.

Scholmark Inc. organizes enrolled schools into a Fund-Sharing NetworkTM to give them access to corporate and individual dollars. It produces and distributes ScholCardsTM and provides professional fundraising support to member schools across Canada. 

Scholmark Inc. operates Scholmark Online, a web portal that’s accessible to corporate sponsors, school communities and students, and allows schools to self-administer their campaigns.

Finally, Scholmark Inc. also operates on the basis of transparency, ethical conduct, strong governance and strict accountability. Scholmark Inc. is dedicated to promoting education in Canada, it donates its time and covers the operating costs of the Scholmark Foundation for the purposes of raising money to advance education and empower Canadian kids.