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Sell brainfood instead of candy

Let's get this out of the way right now - you do not need to sell ScholCards™ to benefit from the Scholmark Fund-Sharing Network™. We simply think it's your best alternative - for many reasons.

ScholCards™ are a healthy, educational alternative to selling candy, wrapping paper, coupon books and everything else schools commonly sell.

ScholCards™ feature a higher dollar value return to schools than the alternatives. Each ScholCard is sold above production cost with the entire profit margin going directly to your school.

ScholCards™ offer future benefits as well. Every ScholCard registered to your school increases your school’s share in the Fund-Sharing Network™.

ScholCards™ are high quality, collectible, inspirational and educational cards with clever designs that focus on subjects like math, literature, geography, history, science, arts and sports.

Each ScholCard™ is part of a collectable series with limited availability. Because they’re sold as a series, buyers will want to buy more each time a new series is issued.

ScholCards™ are also versatile. They can be sold in lieu of admission to school events. This makes every paid admission charge a gift that keeps on giving.




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