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The Scholmark Foundation is a registered charity. Charitable registration number:

84286 6006 RR0001

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Scholmark provides an innovative way for schools to enhance their efforts to raise money. We do this by augmenting their own fundraisers with the benefit of a long-term revenue stream supplied by corporate & private donations. There are two principal means of accomplishing this.

The Scholmark Canadian Fund is designed to be all-inclusive. It’s a way for individuals & corporations to give to every school in Canada, without having to manage 17,000 schools and 270 school boards.

Scholmark Specialty Funds (such as the Arts & Music Fund) are established for donors who would like to direct their contributions to specific goals. These can range from increasing math skills, through adding sports equipment or band instruments, to enhancing classroom technology. These funds are set up to appeal to corporations with focused interests, by enabling that focus at the school level.

The combination of these two distinct types of funds enables Scholmark to facilitate partnerships between schools and donor. We firmly believe that this will advance school fund-raising to a level comparable with universities and hospitals.

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