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Date: December 9, 2013 Author: Kevin Maynard Categories: default-import-blog-type-1

Typical school fund raising campaigns are event oriented - and the event usually consists of going door to door (or friend to friend) soliciting donations. One of the key elements in making fund-raising successful is the ability to get out to your donor database to report progress - and encourage them to help you reach your fundraising goal.

This is where e-marketing can raise your game to the next level. A well defined campaign can be informational - and not seem to be asking for more. Instead, it engages your donor base in the quest. By keeping them informed on progress they become part of the process. Their contribution gives them a stake, and you keep that engagement alive with regular progress reports.

That is where a carefully designed e-mail strategy is important. There are best practices in how frequently to send updates, how brief they should be, and what tone they should convey. Positive messaging is more effective than messages that are alarming. There is also significant legislation to comply with. Managing all of this is very challenging for most schools. It is too daunting and time consuming. Many schools don’t have the capability to do this strategically and effectively. After all, education is their primary purpose, not fundraising.

That's why we built into the Scholmark website, sophisticated e-marketing campaign abilities. I've written before about the value of the discrete database for each school , but managing the content, templates, and frequency of communications is equally important. We offer - at no cost or obligation to schools - a professionally designed communications campaign strategy including newsletters, e-mail updates, take-home letters, and verbal updates for staff, students and parents.

We know how much of a difference a well considered e-marketing campaign can make - and how it can help make schools competitive with all other charities and calls for attention. Scholmark can help schools stand out - with distinction.



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