Meeting School Support Criteria

Date: March 3, 2014 Author: Kevin Maynard Categories: default-import-blog-type-1

As we were creating the Scholmark platform to enable corporations to give to schools, we realized something we hadn't fully considered:
Schools are as sensitive to public image as corporations.

Schools don't wish to be supported by companies with questionable business practices. Or bad environmental track records. Or employment & purchasing practices not acceptable in North America.

I've written before about Scholmark's attention to managing brand exposure for corporate donors. This was the flip side of that process: Managing school exposure by the kind of companies it is associated with.

So we built into the Scholmark engine, the ability for each school to define this criteria for their school. We've encountered schools where it was important to them that their support comes from companies demonstrating fair trade practices. We've seen some who only want local support. One of the most common concerns was enviromental.

It's just as important for schools to be able to control where their money comes from, as for corporations to manage how their brand is portrayed. This is essentially managing the brand of the school.

At Scholmark, we listened, and built this ability into The Fund-Sharing Network™.



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