A New Year – A time for setting New Fundraising Goals for your School

Date: January 3, 2014 Author: Joseph Guzzi Categories: default-import-blog-type-1

With the holiday season behind us, we have some time to reflect on the past year, analyse what worked and what needs to change as we chart a new course for the New Year. This is an exciting time to make new goals and try to find the right approach and find the resources to achieve them. We want the best for our children and their schools, so lofty goals are appropriate. Educating our children is where our society’s priorities should be if we care about our future.

Corporations, non-profits and governments are also doing the same thing, setting goals for the year ahead. Wouldn’t it be nice if our priorities matched? This would mean that schools would be funded appropriately. However, in this economic climate, where priority is given by governments to balance budgets and fund other priorities, educational funding is often compromised. That is why parents and families need to step in with fundraising and this is why fundraising plays such an important role in education. Corporations and non-profits should also help in this lofty goal of properly funding education.

It is time to ask yourself some very important questions. Does your school set adequate goals to enhance education? Are your school’s fundraising approaches adequate in reaching your goals? Does your school have a long term strategy to enhance education for your child’s time at your current school? Is your school scrambling in its fundraising efforts? Are you ready to try something new, something innovative? Why not, it is 2013!

Why not get the help your school needs to obtain and exceed your fundraising goals. It is time to extend your reach beyond your existing community. Scholmark’s self-directed fundraising platform helps schools do just that – helping to make it easier for the larger community to give to your schools, and this includes corporations, non-profits, foundations, and alumni. Sign up your school and your school is just a few clicks away from making its fundraising goals more attainable. Make 2013 a great year for your school. Set higher goals and access the tools to help achieve them.



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