Database Marketing for Schools

Date: November 24, 2013 Author: Kevin Maynard Categories: default-import-blog-type-1

One of the most powerful tools that Scholmark offers to schools – at no cost – is the database marketing engine.

Every school in the country can have the ability to send out newsletters and fundraising campaign updates to their contact database, using pre-formatted templates to ensure consistency and remove complexity.

"But our school doesn’t have a database", you say. Then let’s help you build one!

We can take any existing e-mail list you have, and add to it. When anybody donates to your school, or registers a ScholCard, they have the option to give their e-mail address so that they can receive updates on the school’s progress (by law they must be able to choose).

Over time, each school will build a roster of alumni and regular school supporters. Many parents have commented that they need to cultivate this list from scratch every year.

Each school’s e-marketing database is discretely managed, and protected. But deployment of updates, metrics and reporting can all be managed centrally. We’ve ensured that the mechanics of this are fully compliant with Canada’s new ground-breaking CASL legislation – which might be almost impossible for individual schools to manage.

Database marketing is in use by every major charity worldwide. It’s time we enable our schools to use these professional level tools to their best advantage. Scholmark is pleased to lead the way.



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