Time for Collaboration in School Fundraising

Date: November 28, 2013 Author: Joseph Guzzi Categories: default-import-blog-type-1

There sure is a lot of white noise out there when it comes to School Fundraising. Schools across the country are using many different fundraising approaches that the fundraising landscape is littered with short term strategies and conflicting messages. It is fundraising chaos, as schools compete with limited resources and extract the already stretched funds from its own school community.

Part of the reason for this chaos is the rules which each school and or its school boards or districts impose. They all differ and are always changing. When we put all of it together, between the public systems, the Catholic systems, the private systems, the private faith-based systems, and the French and English systems, we find that each school and each system are working in their own silos with their own self imposed limitations.

There is no mechanism for schools to work together on a larger strategy to extend their reach into other communities and especially into the business community. The business community would give to schools across Canada if they could do so strategically and systematically.

Some school districts are recognizing their own fundraising limitations and are considering extending their reach. Recently, some school districts in Alberta are looking at ways to do just that. They are setting up foundations that extend beyond their districts in order to facilitate higher order fundraising strategies.

If we take this principle of working together on a larger scale, we can create opportunities for cross country collaboration, and relationship building across all sectors of the economy, to help all schools in Canada. Scholmark’s Fund-Sharing Network™, through its free online support and foundation, helps schools participate on a larger scale and access funds beyond its normal reach. Our school’s are underfunded and education can always be improved, let’s raise our sights, breakdown the isolation and empower our schools with the ability to access funding.



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