Donating To Schools Just Got Easier

Date: May 19, 2014 Author: Joseph Guzzi Categories: default-import-blog-type-1

What do you do if you are an individual or a corporation and you want to make a difference to education across Canada? Perhaps you want to help out the school that you attended when you were a kid. Perhaps you want to help celebrate a key milestone like your school's anniversary or your class reunion. Or a special project at a specific school, such as rebuilding a playground.

Why not consider making a donation through the Scholmark Foundation? Scholmark can help you achieve your goal. You can help schools across Canada in specific ways by donating to one of Scholmark’s established funds. Perhaps your interest is sports or music; you can donate to specific funds and help all schools in that way. Or you want to establish a new fund for a need that you identify with personally. Scholmark Foundation makes it easy for you or your corporation to make a difference. When we work together through new school fundraising vehicles like Scholmark, we can make enhance the educational experiences in communities across Canada.



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