Why Your School's Fundraising Needs Structure

Date: April 1, 2014 Author: Joseph Guzzi Categories: default-import-blog-type-1

Schools need a stable fundraising structure that makes giving to schools easier. If your school is struggling every year with ways to fundraise, why not consider asking your community for donations?

Asking for donations is much easier when you have a simple way to accept donations and issue a charitable tax receipt to donors. Some schools have established their own charitable foundations, which require a certain level of commitment to set up and maintain the foundation structure. The rewards of doing so are worth the effort. These schools position themselves to fundraise at a premium level with the ability to attract funds through direct donations. Foundations provide a structured donation process that provide incentives for giving, resulting in more donation and donations of larger amounts. You can build the framework for more sustainable funding.

School boards sometimes discourage schools from setting up their own foundations because of the level of work that is required and the possibility that over time, support for individual foundations may wane if the level of parent dedication changes. It can create a great deal of confusion in the community and it can provide schools that establish their own foundations an advantage over those that do not. Why not give all schools equal access to a foundation structure instead?

Donating directly to your school has just become much easier with the arrival of the Scholmark Foundation. Now each school across Canada has access to all the benefits of a foundation without having to go through the considerable time and trouble to establish its own. Scholmark Foundation is a Canadian charity helping schools across the country. You can now use its established structure to donate to your school directly. Simply make a donation through Scholmark.com and direct it to your school. Your school no longer has to go through the expense of establishing its own foundation, incur costs of maintaining it or put in the time to process tax receipts and keep records.

If your school or school board already has a foundation, not to worry - the Scholmark Foundation complements existing foundations and adds additional revenue to them.

Fundraising has just become easier and fairer for all schools across Canada. The Scholmark Foundation is there for your school year after year, giving donors and the community a stable platform to raise money effectively.



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