Trouble Donating to Your Kid's School?

Date: August 17, 2012 Author: Kevin Maynard Categories: default-import-blog-type-1

We’ve spoken with many school boards, and they almost always have a foundation in place which funnels donations to schools. But how do you find it? I just checked the website of one of the country’s largest school boards, and couldn’t find any mention of how to donate to schools. There was no “Donate” button on the site, and no mention of their foundation. I found the same thing when I went to the web pages of several individual schools.

In chatting with parents – if they happen to be involved with their school’s parent council, they know how to get money into the system. If not, they typically don’t. They’ll wait until a student comes canvassing.

Directing donations is simply not a priority for school boards. They have bigger fish to fry – and rightly so. But the bureaucracy can also come out with a vengeance – when they insist all donations are funneled through their own foundation. And if everyone could easily figure out how to donate to their school board’s foundation, things would be fine. But they can’t, so things aren’t fine.

There needs to be a simple, consistent way to support the school of your choice, and it shouldn’t matter where you live, or where the school is. And more importantly, everyone needs to know about it. Tell them about Scholmark.



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