Corporate Criteria for Giving - A Real Challenge for Schools

Date: September 21, 2012 Author: Kevin Maynard Categories: default-import-blog-type-1

In 20+ years of marketing for major corporations, I had opportunity to help select which charities would be supported.

Here are the criteria we used when I was tasked with selecting a flagship charity:

  1. What kind of profile does the organization have. If nobody has heard of it, it’s off the radar.
  2. Is there some alignment between the charity’s goals and the company’s?
  3. What brand exposure risks are there? Risk management is one of the major concerns of good corporate governance.
  4. What kind of good works will be accomplished? Are there measurable results, so that we can say “WE MADE THAT HAPPEN”?
  5. Is there both an emotional appeal and rational appeal of this charity to our target markets. Because we want our customers to think we made the right choice.

Does your school satisfy each of these corporate criteria for giving? Probably not. It’s too difficult for an individual school to have the resources to do so. It is limited by its size and organization. This is one of the reasons why corporations currently are not giving to schools in a substantial way.

Scholmark’s Fund-Sharing Network, helps organize schools into a powerful network which appeals to corporations. If schools act together as one, each individual school can get into the game and qualify for corporate funding.



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