Enhancing Education – One Dollar at a Time

Date: October 19, 2013 Author: Joseph Guzzi Categories: default-import-blog-type-1

A common complaint we hear from parents is their concern for the quality of education in their schools. Our school system has been underfunded for decades and it’s really showing. Some schools no longer have the range of sport programs they once had. Some school libraries have not kept up with book purchases and many don’t even have a librarian on staff anymore. There is often old science equipment in our school labs, there aren't as many school clubs and there are fewer school trips.

While some parents are not aware of how bad it is in some of our schools, others are taking matters into their own hands, getting involved in enhancing the classroom experience to ensure their children’s educational experience is improved. Some of these improvements include innovative ideas and solutions such as having a visiting scientist, professional athlete or author coming into the classroom to inspire or enhance the curriculum. Some are partnering with community organizations or other educational organizations that further enhance learning. There is also tremendous need for buying books for the library, team uniforms, music equipment, computers and lab equipment.

Enhanced learning opportunities are excellent ways of improving education in our underfunded system. Parents are working hard to raise money to help fund these programs. Some parent councils have gone so far as establishing their own foundations to encourage donations from parents. For many schools, its simply too daunting and time consuming to deal with charity laws and procedures.

Canadian charities like the Scholmark Foundation can help your school get started to raise money for your school’s enhanced programming. The Scholmark Foundation takes care of the administrative work for you so that you can focus on shaping the best programming for your children.



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