Accessing Corporate Giving - Aligning School and Corporate Goals

Date: October 10, 2013 Author: Kevin Maynard Categories: default-import-blog-type-1

In a previous blog, I discussed the corporate criteria for giving. One of these is ensuring that the goals of the charitable organization are aligned with your company’s.

You’d find it impossible to uncover a Canadian company that doesn’t agree with the general aim of schools – educating our young. We need to look deeper than that. Companies are very specific in their marketing – they target demographics, and look for niches in which they can proclaim their excellence. If we want schools to be able to capitalize on this focus, we need to be able to address it.

If, for example, you represent a Canadian sports equipment manufacturer, then schools with extra-curricular sports programs, or building new gyms would catch your attention. If you are a technology manufacturer, funding schools seeking electronic whiteboards or wireless internet might appeal.

Schools have all these needs – the first step is to communicate them effectively. The second step is to be able to aggregate the schools with similar needs. With volume comes impact. Corporations would prefer to give to a program affecting 100 schools rather than 1. This is where Scholmark shines. Every school can be very detailed in establishing their fundraising goals. Playgrounds, band instruments, computers, exchange programs. Being detailed is important – because it enables alignment with targeted corporate goals. And then we pool all of those schools with similar aims, to attract corporate domors looking to make a splash.

With Scholmark providing a single fund-sharing network, the platform for targeted giving to schools enables easy choices for corporations.



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