Getting to the root of inequality issues among schools - a key step to a solution

Date: September 23, 2013 Author: Joseph Guzzi Categories: default-import-blog-type-1

Each school’s ability to fundraise varies; some schools are really good at it while some schools just are not. This inequality among schools results in huge discrepancies in their ability to enhance education. Newspapers love to write about inequality because it raises passion for our local schools. They focus on how one school can raise hundreds of thousands of dollars and can implement creative programming and state of the art extra-curricular activities, while other schools struggle to raise any money at all.

Inequality among communities

The reality is that any inequality that exists in our neighbourhoods is reflected in our schools. School boards are under pressure to address it and they try to encourage sharing between schools. School leaders often willingly participate. This has had limited effect and raises other issues. Parent groups who do the fundraising work and make most of the contributions to support their local school could have mixed feelings about this approach.

Root of the problem

Wouldn’t it be better to address the root of the problem? Instead of taking from the “have” schools and giving to the “have not” schools, the focus should be on empowering all schools equally. Giving each school the tools it needs to be able to reach the same level of fundraising success. If each school is on a level playing field, the inequality will go away, and newspapers will be able to write, instead, about how the community is contributing to enhance education at their local schools.

Scholmark can help

Scholmark helps to put schools on an equal footing. Our Fund-Sharing Network allows each school in the country to participate equally and at no cost. Find out more at and if your school has not yet signed up, do it today. It’s free to join.



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