Date: December 24, 2013 Author: Kevin Maynard Categories: default-import-blog-type-1

I’ve always liked the word philanthropy. It seems regal, and a little bit scientific at the same time. It makes the art of giving and supporting causes seem as much a science as an act of the heart. And for most philanthropists, it is a combination of the two.

During the holiday season, we see and hear more of philanthropists – and a lot more about worthwhile charities. It’s the time of year when we all consider some personal philanthropy to be a natural part of the holiday spirit, and help recognize that we are appreciative of where we live, work and play. We recognize the people that contribute to our well-being and daily joy. We recognize that we are better off than 90% of the world, although it doesn’t always feel that way.

There are a lot of requests for charity – and most of us give to many. But like professional and corporate philanthropists, we make the most meaningful contributions to the causes we find most meaningful.

And that thought is really all I wanted to reinforce. Over the coming year, we need to make giving to schools as meaningful to other supporters, as it is to us. And if we can take the extra steps to make it meaningful to corporate philanthropy, we will have a very good 2013 indeed.



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