How to level the playing field in fundraising for schools

Date: September 26, 2013 Author: Joseph Guzzi Categories: default-import-blog-type-1

Schools in this country are very diverse. Each school reflects its neighbourhood and its people. Schools have various levels of parent involvement that help shape each schools character and connection to its community.

A school’s fundraising ability is determined by several factors:

  1. Dedication of parents;
  2. Ability of parents to communicate and engage;
  3. Network of parents;
  4. Wealth of parents, their families and immediate neighbourhood;
  5. A school’s connection to the community;
  6. Engagement level of students/canvassers; and
  7. Strategy and tactics used to fundraise.

If all of these factors align, the potential of a school to raise money is huge. If some of these factors align then the ability to fundraising is compromised. If none of these factors align, a school’s ability to raise money for extra-curricular programs is almost non-existent.

So how do we fix the inequality issue? The solution is to empower every school through two key actions:

  • to give each school the tools needed to easily implement fundraising approaches, in a systematic and professional way; and
  • to give all schools the ability to access funds based on need, from varied sources and from beyond their local neighbourhood.

Until this new way of fundraising happens, rich schools will continue to be rich schools and poor schools will continue to be poor schools. Interested in being part of the solution? Visit to see how. Together, we can help level the playing field.



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